Profound sadness envelopes me

Life is not how I envisioned it to be

Youth spent in envy and jealousy

about this, about that

Wanting what others had

Poor little poor girl wanting more

Getting it in all the wrong stores

Reaching my potential never to be seen

In between, years fly by

Age creeps in, depressing thoughts abound

Struggle to get them out of my head, as I lie in bed

Wee hours of the morning, I write my thoughts

Isolation, loneliness. Is this how I’m to end my days

in a haze of meds, to get out of my head

Look for the joy, finding my bliss

Never thought it would end like this

Hair coiffed, makeup on, smile on my face, I pretend

No one has a clue what’s going on

Hide it so well, no one can tell

Oh well…life goes on however it will

Try as I might, mom’s voice reverberates still

Be a good little girl then I’ll love you, I will

Wrinkles show where laughter use to be

Try as I might I keep hearing her voice still

Be a good girl and I’ll love you, I will

Find something to do with my life

Remarry…be a wife

Share a home, then want to be alone

Too late, set in my ways

Smile on my face so no one can say

“Too late for her- set in her ways.”

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